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Remember, as a tech lead, your responsibilities include more than just the sole focus of the technical side. You’ll lead a team and convey updates and information to stakeholders and non-technical managers. You need to learn how what’s happening with the project affects the broader business goals so your technical decisions align with business objectives.

They bridge the communication gap with non-technical people and find the best way to explain to them some confusing matters. This professional shares technical expertise with business partners, provide advice while building or developing a website, and educate and suggest optimal solutions. In this way, they participate in building long-term relationships with clients. We mean here a tech lead who plays a vital role in the project, standing out with their knowledge and managing skills. Let’s take a look at who exactly this specialist is, what skills they should have, and how they act at Droptica.

A tech lead’s guide to effective communication

Another way to show that you’re trustworthy as a tech lead is to encourage developers to come up with their own solutions and ideas. Titles like Architect, Tech Lead, Team Lead and Engineering Manager provide endless confusion. In this article, we’ll explore the definition of the Tech Lead role. If you’ve technical lead developer seen the movie Jobs (the biopic on Apple’s founder Steve Jobs), then you may think of a typical tech lead as Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple who used to be engineering head at Apple in the early days). It’s part of the job to plan, design, lead, and execute technical solutions and improvements.

By doing so, tech leaders can concentrate on things that bring them closer to their goal, and everything else can be considered noise. The tech lead role can be a valuable experience for developers who are considering exploring the management track. Because it is often a relatively informal designation, one generally does not apply to become a tech lead in some formal way.

Tech lead salary 💸

You have to consider the candidate’s educational background, experience, and overall professional skills. However, the rest of the team is just as important in achieving quality output. In general, the team’s overall goal is to design market-oriented software.

As the main point of contact for stakeholders, tech leads play a crucial role in communication and collaboration within the project. They are responsible for keeping stakeholders informed about the technical progress of the project, and for addressing any technical questions or concerns that may arise. The five tech lead responsibilities presented in this article focus on the technical aspect of the role. They don’t fully cover all responsibilities, not even the technical ones. Being a tech lead is hard and requires lots of skills that intersect with lots of different areas.

Their responsibilities as a tech lead may now include relationship management, risk management and ensuring collaboration and communication happen effectively both within and across teams. But their technical background will equip them with a unique understanding that nobody else at their level in the company will have. That’s what makes them such a powerful and important player in the company’s success.
Who are tech leads
Their role involves people management, including hiring, performance evaluations, and career development. Based on this knowledge, the tech lead assesses who should be involved in the project and to what extent. They break down the tasks for the team and add tips on how to approach a problem. However, at our company, it’s common for a tech lead to allow developers to plan their own work. The leader simply prepares the task outline to address the problem and align operations with the product architecture, and the programmer creates their own agenda.

  • Sometimes team leadership is shared but rarely technical leadership.
  • “A tech lead requires skills that include coaching, influencing, facilitating, motivation and delegating,” wrote Ben Rossi, Editorial Director at Information Age.
  • The goal is to understand why the incident happened, whether it can be prevented in the future and whether the team can improve its response.
  • Let’s take a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of a tech lead.
  • In the words of Roy T. Bennett, “Great leaders create more leaders, not followers”.

In some organizations, this role is eventually formalized, and such people are given the title of tech lead. A tech lead is a developer who’s taken on an expanded set of duties, helping with mentoring and decision-making, without actually making the jump into management. It can be a somewhat thankless job – but also a way to raise your profile at work and provide a launchpad to your next step up the ladder. This includes breaking down complex topics, guiding cross-functional teams, and communicating with empathy. Being the effective tech lead of a project also means collaborating with multiple stakeholders. They are responsible for handling data to generate comprehensive reports.
Who are tech leads
With 23% of start-ups failing because they don’t have the right people on board, creating a strong team mix is clearly a vital foundation for success. They understand what their team goals are and establish an appropriate architectural vision. They work with the team to adjust this as the team learns more about the problem and technology chosen to solve it. The Architect role ensures the overall application architecture fits the business context, both now and in the future. In some organisations, Architects work with the team to establish and validate the architectural vision. Architects also look at finding the right balance of standardisation.

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